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Preparing for a disaster

September 28, 2005

Valdosta - Hurricane Katrina left a path of death and destruction along the Gulf Coast, and many people weren't prepared for such a strong storm. If South Georgia was put in a similar situation, Tekulve Vann wants to make sure we're ready. "Someone once said luck is a combination of chance and preparedness," said Vann.

That's why the Vann Institute of of Family Life is offering a series of family preparedness workshops. Participants will learn simple things they can do in advance to protect their family during a disaster. "First thing, have a plan," said Vann.

That plan includes everything from an evacuation route to a list of emergency contact numbers, and the basic necessities needed for survival. "A couple of days worth of food, clothing, and water," said Vann.

It's also smart to keep at least a quarter of a tank of gas in your vehicle, just in case you need to evacuate at a moment's notice. "If you need to go and you have an empty tank and all the gas is gone like it was a couple of weeks ago, you're not going to go very far," said Vann.

Once you escape the path of a dangerous storm, there's still lots of things left back at home that could easily be destroyed. Thinking ahead will help protect those sentimental things that can't be replaced.

One of the most priceless things that people often lose in a disaster is their photo albums. Vann recommends scanning your pictures onto a c.d., and keeping it in a safe place.

"Don't leave that disc in your house, put it in a bank vault, somewhere you know its not going to be ruined," said Vann.

Simple steps that will keep your family, and your most valuable possessions safe when disaster strikes.

The family preparedness workshops will be held October 18th and 25th at Ryan's Steakhouse, and the last day to register is October 7th.

 You can call the Vann Institute of Family Life or sign up on their web site.



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