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Tips to help kids deal with Katrina

September 28, 2005

Albany- Disasters like Katrina and Rita have had a devastating affect on our children. But sometimes it's harder for them to talk about what their feeling, and a lot of times it's even harder for adults to find ways to help them through these tough times.

But there is hope.  Dr. Vivian McCollum, coordinator of the counseling program at ASU says, "It's important to be patient with kids that have went through such an ordeal, a lot of times any behavior that they have already had is heightened by these type of disasters."

  Which can sometimes mean they are more likely to be angrier than normal and may be acting out their frustration. It is especially hard for those children who are now in a new place with new friends.  They now have to face not having the latest fashions or the home that other kids may have which may cause them to feel even more uncomfortable.

 Despite all of this, the number one thing that Dr. McCollum says adults should not do is,"Don't ask kids what happened? Or tell me about your experience. It is better to wait until they are ready to talk and then just listen, listening is number one." 

Dr. McCollum also wants everyone to remember that this is not going to go away overnight and that it is going to take time and patience of everyone involved.  For more tips and guidance you can visit


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