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South Georgians hate love bugs

September 27, 2005

Albany-- Once again they're back. 'Tis the season for those flying annoyances known as lovebugs. They're the small flies that swarm over the roads and leave a big mess on your car. It seems like you can't escape them these days and many South Georgians hope to wash them away.

You can attempt to wash them away. "They're annoying," says Brett Edmonds. But they always seem to find a way back and these days they're everywhere you look.

"Walking in the stores and stuff, they're everywhere. You have to fight them walking in," says Edmonds. Brett Edmonds is fed up with fighting lovebugs. Those irritating insects that come in two's are causing Brett one big mess on his car.

"The whole front windshield was covered with like mess from them like exploding I guess," says Edmonds. So like many drivers, since he can't beat them, he's washing them. "A lot of them pull up and they say 'Can you help me with these bugs?' 'What can I do to get these bugs off?'," says Westover Express Car Wash General Manager  O.J. Wallace.

The express car wash on Westover uses much more water this time of year. "Weekdays we do like 40 to 50 cars a day. On the weekend, we do anywhere from 80 to 160," says Wallace. With lovebug season in full blast, the water won't be slowing down to a drip anytime soon.

"If you leave the bugs on there for a day's period and you let the sun cook them in, because they have acid in them and it peels the paint on your car," says Wallace. It's best to get them off as soon as possible and once again hit the road. "With a clean car," says Wallace.

A clean car free of lovebugs feels refreshing for drivers. "Feels good, somewhat," says Edmonds. But how long will that feeling last before it's time to wash away those bugs drivers love to hate?

The love bugs are usually in the process of mating when you see them. That's why there's two and it's the female that's pulling the male along for the ride.



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