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Albany evacuee hears from missing brother

September 27, 2005

Albany- We've heard so many stories about death and destruction in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Even here in Albany, evacuees are still looking for missing family members. One of those stories that we brought you is that of evacuee Doris Dyson.

Dyson's 28 year old brother is autistic and was evacuated from his group home in Kenner, Louisiana the day before the hurricane. She hasn't talked to him since then, and has being trying to find him for almost a month now.

Dyson broke down crying during our interview two and a half weeks ago. She couldn't find her autistic brother Louis, who lived at a group home that was supposed to evacuate to Baton Rouge. But after dozens of calls and searching the Internet, she couldn't find him anywhere. "But I keep my hopes up and kept praying, saying I know he's safe just where is he."

She even asked us to send a photo of her brother to our affiliate in Baton Rouge hoping someone would see it and call her. Last night, she made a desperate plea to God.

"I asked God, I said "Please, if someone could just call me or give me a sign that he's okay.'" And around 1:30AM, she called the group home one more time. For the first time in a month, someone answered.

"I was like 'Oh my God! Tall are there. Is Louis there? He said yes. I said 'That's my little brother.' He said they just returned home about three hours ago. I said 'God, thank you.'"

Her brother was asleep, but this morning see finally got to talked to him. "I spoke with him, and he was happy to hear from me. He said, 'That's my sister, that's my sister.' I said mom's here do you want to talk to her, and she just started crying. She talked with him and was just so glad to hear his voice.."

A tired Louis didn't say much, but what he said proved Doris's prayers had been answered. "He kept saying 'I'm fine and I love you.'"

Now, Doris is planning to go home to reunite with her brother. "I've been praying constantly, every day just asking for answers and that my prayers would be answered. And they have. I'm just grateful."

The group home staffers and clients had to stay at the motel in Baton Rouge since the medical facilities and group homes were full. That's why Doris couldn't find them.


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