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Citizens meet city manager

September 26, 2005

Albany-- People in East Albany had a chance to sit down and chat with one of Albany's newest city leaders.

All eyes are on new city manager on the block Alfred Lott. "Very busy, very busy. I've met hundreds of people so far," says Lott. Dozens of citizens filled the East Albany community center for a chance to meet and greet the new leader. "Most people want to know what he's going to do and how he's going to do it," says resident Jack Smart.

For long-time East Albany resident Hattie Moton, it's a chance to make sure her area isn't lost in the shuffle of city business. "Been in East Albany since 1967," says Moton, "I really think we all might have been saying about the same thing that we really, if you don't want it on the west, north, or south side of town, we don't want it in East Albany either."

What residents do want is a leader they can depend on, something Lott says begins with getting to know the citizens. "Town hall meetings are outstanding ways to communicate to our residents," says Lott. He hopes to keep that communication open to unify the city and get it going in the right direction.

"The staff along with the commissioners and the residents have to simply be one big team," says Lott. Residents are eager to join that Albany team. "Based on what I heard tonight, he's on the right path," says Moton. "I think we'll all be backing him," says Smart.

They're looking forward to backing him as long as he does the same with good leadership here in the good life city. "Solid, effective, senior leadership is what people are looking for. We can move forward and I think I can do that," says Lott.

Along with getting to know the people of Albany, Lott says he spent his first week getting to know his department directors. Lott will also spend the next 90 days filling many of the city's vacancies including the fire and police chief positions.



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