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School open amid closures

September 26, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- Almost every public school in Georgia will be closed Monday and Tuesday to conserve fuel, but Thomasville's system isn't one of them.

Governor Sonny Perdue made the request Friday, but Thomasville city schools made the decision to stay open. "We don't have a large fleet of buses, and we have a fairly confined area, so we're not big fuel users," says Director of Operations, Brian Jetter.

Thomasville's schools also have their 10 year accreditation evaluation this week, a visit that takes half a year to organize. "When we called the state and talked with the Deputy Superintendent and told him we had a SACS study planned for Monday and Tuesday, he told us we should stay open," says Jetter.

That's a go-ahead students in Thomasville's system don't seem to mind. "It's better to be in school, because you're missing out on your education," says student, Paula Davis. "I like being at school, because I think I'd be bored if I was at home right now, either that or I'd be working," says fellow student, Meemmy Berger.

Thomasville's is one of only three school systems in the state that are open Monday and Tuesday. Out of those, it's the only one whose counterpart in the county is closed both days. "We will be closed Monday September 26 and Tuesday September 27th in compliance with the governor's request to save fuel," says a recording at the county's system.

An estimated 500,000 gallons of diesel alone will be saved. The magnitude of that is imaginable by picturing the hundreds of people who would fill the county schools normally. It's a conservation effort city schools will participate in while on Fall Break next week. "We'll be contributing to the conservation of fuel five days instead of two days," says Jetter. None of the closed schools will have to make up those two days. They're considered weather days.

178 of Georgia's school systems closed for Monday and Tuesday. Classes are still being held in Thomasville, Rome city schools and Floyd County schools.


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