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Peanut industry unites to feed hurricane victims

September 26, 2005

Albany- Gulf Coast hurricane victims will soon receive nearly 50,000 jars of peanut butter and 14 pallets of peanuts thanks to the peanut industry.

"They've gotten together and are actually donating two truckloads of peanut butter, somewhere in the neighborhood of around 40,000 pounds or a little more," says Andy Lawton of Southern Ag Carriers, Inc.

Growers, shellers, buying points representatives, and members from both state and national peanut boards united to purchase the jars from Peter Pan maker, Con Agra foods. The manufacturer also donated half a case for every full case they sold.

Southern Ag Carriers has supplied two trailers for the peanut butter, and one truck-load will actually be delivered personally to Louisiana by peanut farmer Glenn Lee Chase.

"We were going to New Iberia, but that warehouse is flooded because of Rita, so we're going to a little farther north. We're happy to be able to take off and help these people," says Glenn Lee Chase.

"It's a real busy time for us as well as Mr. Chase here. He was mentioning it's just a busy time for him, but we're trying to do this just to help someone, and as the owner of our company mentioned just last week this is just part of being a human, just helping other people," Lawton says.

Even if the Gulf Coast residents don't know where the food came from, members of the peanut industry say they're just glad to help feed those in need.

The peanuts and peanut butter should make it to a food bank Theodore, Alabama this evening. The second truck headed to Alexandria, Louisiana should arrive Tuesday morning. The jars will be then be distributed by a faith-based outreach group.


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