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South Georgia church offers divorce care for kids

September 26, 2005

Albany- When two people divorce it can take a toll on all those involved, including children. So one local church is offering a program to help ease the pain that kids go through.

   Divorce Care for kids started its first semester this year and offers children a place to go and talk about their frustrations.  The divorce care for kids program is offered at Sherwood Baptist church, and allows children of divorcees to talk about their feelings.

  Associate Pastor Andy Goode, of Sherwood says that most kids have a hard time dealing with divorce.  And although it is usually not an easy subject for most churches, Sherwood has opened it's doors to the first ever divorce care program for kids.

  In the program trained instructors speak with children about their relationship with their parents, their feelings about divorce and how to cope with those feelings.

     Pastor Goode says,"children really don't have any choice when it comes to divorce their whole life gets changed and rearranged and they really don't have a say in it.. its not what god intended the whole family gets pulled apart."

   The program is offered weekly at Sherwood Church.


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