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Adel councilman questions procedures at Cook Co. Jail

September 25, 2005

Adel- Twenty eight year old Clyde Williams was arrested Saturday night on an outstanding warrant. Sunday morning, his mother, Mollie Williams contacted councilman Greg Paige after hearing her son had been taken to the hospital for injuries he received after his arrest.

Councilman Greg Paige has heard numerous complaints about conditions at the Cook County Jail.

"As often as my phone is ringing as often as my door is being knocked upon we just can't continue to ignore the things that are going on at the county jail," said Paige.

The most recent complaint from Clyde Williams' family.

"He said yeah, he had been beaten, and he showed me the bruises on him and he said that he was resisting, but he wasn't fighting," said Mollie Williams, Clyde's mother.

Williams told his mother he was tasered and beaten with batons.

"In the chest it did, because he was coughing and stuff and I told him he should have let the doctor check him because he might have had some broken ribs or something." said Williams.

"He's not too much of a sized person and if two people can't handle it, then maybe we need to go back to the training board on this dog gone thing," said Paige.

Earlier this year, the Cook County NAACP questioned the sheriff's office after an allegation of abuse was made by Javon Williams. The Sheriff's office claimed zero abuse then. Paige will meet jail administrators to see a tape of the incident Monday.

"The sheriff referred me to his jail administrator, which I did receive a phone call from his chief deputy Sunday," said Paige.

While the councilman admits there is three sides to this story, the sheriff's office, Clyde Williams, and the truth, he's calling for an independent investigation and said this isn't about race.

"My phone rings off the hook from black and white alike. So, it's not a black and white issue, it's a people issue," said Paige.

We made several calls and stopped at the Sheriff's department questioning the incident with Williams. We were told it was simply an administrative matter and we needed to call back Monday and that the Sheriff was unavailable.

Paige who served 10 years in law enforcement himself, said he won't make any judgments until he's seen the tape. Paige also plans to run against the current Sheriff in the next election.



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