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Albany's electronics find new life

September 24, 2005

Albany- Electronics account for five percent of landfill volume, but they're responsible for about 70 percent of the toxins.

That's why Keep Albany, Dougherty Beautiful was collecting computers, monitors, television, typewriters, and other electronics so they can be recycled. Items collected Saturday behind the Civic Center will be sent north and could possibly find a new use.

"It's going to be taken to a recycling plant in Alpharetta and it will be taken apart, if they can put it back together and give it to non profits they will if no they will take pieces out of it," said Judy Bowles, Keep Albany,Dougherty Beautiful.

This was the first electronic recycling event, but the group plans to make it an annual event. Businesses with 20 or more items can still call Keep Albany, Dougherty Beautiful at (229)430-5257 and arrange for items to be picked up.