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Gas prices up, supplies down

September 24, 2005

Albany- Hurricane Rita's affect on south Georgia may be felt more at the pump. Station owners say, Rita could have an impact on their supplies. Governor Sonny Perdue has asked Georgians to concerve fuel. Station owners say that means if you're on empty then fill up, but if you have half a tank or more, wait until the middle of next week.

"I think they're outrageous and the American people are getting stuck," said Susan Reich of Albany about gas prices.

Gas prices have climbed again to $2.80. At the Express Lane at the corner of Gillionville and Lockett Station it's only $2.59. The station has been selling out of fuel daily.

"Because the gas was cheaper, I got my other car filled and then I went and got this one, my wife's car and came back," said Marvin Everson of Albany.

"I stopped here because this is the cheapest gas in town, that I can find anyway," said Sylverster Hendrix of Albany.

Station managers all across town are concerned because they're not getting as much to replenish their tanks, thanks to Rita. If there's a rush at the pumps this weekend they could be left on "E".

"The refiners have shut down, the platforms have been evacuated, so for that reason there are going to be some supply concerns," said Wright Woodall, owner of Woodall's.

Station managers say it may be early next week before they can fill their tanks with gas. To help matters motorists are trying to conserve.

"This car gets better gas milage than my husband's truck, so he takes off in it too," said Reich.

Some drivers are more concerned about the increasing prices.

"I'm concerned about the prices, I think we'll have plenty of gas, it's just a matter of controlling a little bit of the prices," said Hendrix.

With many public schools at the Governor's request cancelling classes more drivers say they will likely leave the car in the drive way.

"More than likely, I'll probably be having grand children, so I probably will stay home," said Reich.



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