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New Orleans family rebuilding life with new baby

September 23, 2005

Albany- Randal and Deborah Flemings couldn't be more proud of their new son.

"We've been wanting a boy. He was eight pounds and four ounces at birth," says Deborah.

Randal, Jr. was born on September 6th.

The birth was a relatively easy one, but getting there was a harrowing experience.

"I was going crazy. I was going crazy, because I didn't know what kind of help I was going to get," says Deborah.

The Flemings, with three children and one on the way, rode out the storm in their Jefferson Parrish home.

"We didn't trust the shelters, because they weren't giving people food and water in the shelters, and then they were splitting those people up with their families, so by us staying home we didn't get the help that the people did in the shelter," says Randal.

But with little to eat, Deborah preparing to go into labor, and being cut off from emergency crews, the family packed up and headed to Albany. They relied on the kindness of strangers for food and gas and relied on faith in God to get them to the hospital in time.

"God makes a way all the time for whatever you go through, because what we went through we probably wouldn't have ever known this side of people," Deborah says.

People that have been generous, caring, and willing to reach out to a family that has survived the storm.

The Flemings are currently living with nine other relatives in a house provided by New Birth Fellowship Church.


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