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National Baby Safety Month


Albany-  Baby safety is a year round priority, however this month time is being taken out to emphasize the importance of taking care of your most precious asset, your baby.

   Dr. Bruce Smith of SW Georgia Pediatrics says, "It's important to enjoy your baby but as a first time mother be aware of the problems that can come and predict the worst, so that you can be preventative and know what to do in a worst case situation ."

   At Byne Memorial Baptist Church Director Linda Baxter says that they, "take every type of precaution to ensure that we are following State guidelines and making sure to take care of the parents concerns and children."

   One of the easiest ways parents can make sure their babies are being well taken care of is to take time out and according to Baxter, "Be a Child Advocate, go to the daycare, check on your kids and be involved in their life."

   Although their are some dangers in having a new baby, both agree that it is important to be informed, and stay educated on tips and ways to keep your baby healthy and happy.


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