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Phoebe meeting to clear questions

September 22, 2005

Albany- Phoebe Putney leaders try to clear up questions about the hospital's off-shore accounts, but some doctors say they only brought up more questions.

Thursday's meeting at Phoebe Northwest was closed to the media and the public. Some doctors still question extravagant travel expenses while hospital leaders were abroad on business for Grove Pointe, the malpractice insurance company Phoebe set up overseas. Phoebe leaders says their audits show no problems with accounts that contain millions of dollars. Some doctors don't trust Phoebe's audits.

"Mr. Griffin, who is chairman of the board, he did say that he didn't think an independent audit was necessary even though, he asked us what he could do to satisfy us. We've said plainly, the doctors have said plainly, just do a forensic audit," said Dr. John Bagnato.

Thirty eight of the hospitals 280 physicians attended Thursday's meeting.