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City offers county settlement in HB 489 dispute

September 22, 2005

Ashburn- Ashburn has offered a formal settlement in their house bill 489 dispute with the county. They've agreed not to use the county's 9-1-1 dispatching services for non-emergency calls and to pay full cost when housing inmates in the jail.

If Turner County doesn't agree to the settlement, the two governments will go to court, which will allow an out-of-town judge to decide what services each government will be responsible for.

"If the suit goes on it will be turned over to someone who is an excellent lawyer and will do a wonderful job, but they don't live there. They are not an elected official there and I think it's a function the public expects their elected officials to do," says Ashburn City Attorney Tommy Coleman.

According to state laws, governments that don't have a written service agreement are not eligible for state grant money. Fortunately, a judge has stayed the action of Department of Community Affairs in enforcing that for Ashburn and Turner County.


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