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National Marriage Health Month

September 22, 2005

Albany- It's National Marriage Health Month and couples everywhere are trying to find ways to spice up their unions and maintain a healthy happy marriage.

     Dr. Nick Carden of the Renaissance Centre says, "It is important to communicate, and do things for one another that you may otherwise like to do.  For example if your wife loves to shop and you hate it, do it anyway because it is something that she likes to do and vice versa."

    Dr. Carden says that 49-50% of marriages end in divorce.  That number can greatly be reduced if more couples try other methods such as counseling. Counseling helps to bring in a different point of view and even helps to see things in a different perspective.

   Some reasons for separation and divorce are extramarital affairs, arguments about money management and miscommunication.

   They are ways to combat this but the very first step according to Dr. Carden is wanting to make things work.


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