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New county commissioner elected

September 20, 2005

Albany--Dougherty County has a new commissioner.  

Banker John Hayes won in a four-person race. He beat Brenda Brown, Rance Pettibone, and former Albany city commissioner David Williams.

There were plenty of smiles and cheering at the Hayes campaign headquarters Tuesday night. He won the district two county commission race with 54 percent of the vote.

"I'm so happy .  We've worked so hard, so this is just validation that he is the best man for the job," says Hayes' supporter, Tania Coleman.

Just moments earlier the same room was filled with anxiety as supporters stayed glued to the television while watching the results come in.  However, with the final tally counted, Hayes can now breathe easy.

"We look forward to the work that lies ahead," says Hayes.

Hayes' supporter Tania Coleman says Hayes will have a positive impact on Dougherty County.

"What's important to him is economical development and fiscal responsibility," she says. 

And accordying Hayes,"I certainly like to add my own weight to the group of city commissioners and just be a good team member right now."

Hayes has his own thoughts on one hot button issue, the consolidation of city and county government.

"I think we need to weigh all of the information, compare the pros and cons about consolidation and then make an informed a decision about it," he says.

Hayes says most importantly he wants to focus on the needs of the people in south and east Dougherty County he now represents.

"We want to feel what they're feeling, understand what their needs are, and then begin to work to address those needs," he says.

And he continues to thank them for their support. 

"I'm absolutely grateful for what everyone has contributed," he says.

John Hayes succeeds William Hall who stepped down when he moved out of district two. There's a year and a half left in the term.