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The Trojan War

September 20, 2005

By Mike Shiers

Back in the day, the Lee County/Dougherty football game was a big deal.

It even had a cool nickname: "The Trojan War."

The rivalry cooled off a bit in recent years with the teams not playing, but after resuming last year, the teams are back in full swing.

With Lee County and Dougherty high school in such close proximity, the coaches say a rivalry is only natural.

Dougherty coach Carror Wright says, "Anytime there's two schools in the same city or two schools that are closely in the same area that's extra incentive to the game."

Lee County Coach David Johnson says "Anytime you play somebody close by and the kids talk to each other you're going to have a little bit of rivalry there."

At 5-0 Lee County is off to its best start ever, and coach Johnson says he's hoping to continue the strong play.

"So far it's been a good year for us, and that could all change Friday night, but we're going to work hard so hopefully it won't."

Dougherty stands at 3-1 after losing to Bainbridge last week, and coach Wright says he's looking for his team to bounce back.

"You can't ever tell about young people. Hopefully they'll rebound and get back up and and play like they've been playing. Tough team to rebound against."

And both coaches will be looking at this game as a big challenge.

"It's gonna be tough on us. We know that. But you can't cancel the game, you gotta play. Lee County has a very good football team." says coach Wright.

Coach Johnson says, "We were fortunate last year to win the game, and I'm sure that'll be on their minds."

Lee County won last years game 31 to 24.

The teams will battle for bragging rights Friday night at Hugh Mills Stadium.


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