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Teen raises her voice for hurricane victims

September 20, 2005

Dasher - She's only 13 years old, but her voice stretches well beyond her years, and her heart is even bigger. "People are rebuilding homes, and you hear about people donating clothes and money, but I haven't heard anything about people helping rebuild schools," said Greta.

So Greta Smidt decided to take charge, and help restore some sense of normalcy to kids along the Gulf Coast. "Overnight, a child loses its normal life, no school, no home, friends or family, and some even lost their pets," said Greta. "I thought, why don't I use my God-given talent to sing for the people."

And that's exactly what she's doing. Between now and Thanksgiving, Greta will give at least one concert a week in hopes of raising $100,000 to rebuild a school in Louisiana. "I think music has a tremendous power to soften people's hearts and let them give to you," said Greta.

She gave her first benefit performance last week, and raised $550. Singing for such a large crowd would be frightening for most children, but Greta says one thing helps her through it. "I run the pictures of those children through my mind, and it ends up being great, and I manage to touch the hearts of many people," said Greta.

Greta's next performance is Thursday night at 5:00 at Super Wal-Mart on Inner Perimeter Road in Valdosta.

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