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Bradley simulator allows public behind wheel

September 17, 2005

Lee County- A simulator allows the public to climb behind the wheel of a M-2 Bradley. The U.S. Army has a Bradley simulator set up along Ledo Road in the parking lot beside the Tractor Supply Company.

The simulator is being used to train new recruits, but is also open to the public for the opportunity to experience what it's like to handle one of the army's assault vehicles. The simulator can train soldiers using less ammunition and by cheaper means.

"The simulator can also be used to improve their training skills as far as in the gunner's hatch, or the assistant gunner or even for the driver to maneuver together," said SFC Merryl F. Gerhardt/Army National Guard Recruiting.

"It's like a big video game, but it really gives you what actually goes on in the M-2 Bradley," said PFC Vincent Myers of Sylvester.

You can experience the M-2 Bradley from nine to three Sunday before the simulators is moved to Valdosta Technical College where it will be open to the public Tuesday through Friday. Call (229) 333-7840 to make an appointment.



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