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Hurricane relief concert raises money for evacuees

September 17, 2005

Albany- It started with one teen wanting to make a difference and spread to a group of her friends. Saturday, that group put on a concert to draw other young adults into the Katrina relief effort.

A dozen bands volunteered their time for a day long concert at Harvest Moon to raise money for Katrina's victims. The concert, the idea of 11th grader Haley Adams.

"To help the victims, local victims mainly that were affected by it, those who have come to Albany we wanted to raise money for them help them out a little bit get them back on their feet," said Adams of Sylvester.

So they're charged six dollars for the concert that started at noon, and hoped to get close to 200 other young adults out to show that their generation is doing it's part.

"You got bands coming from Tallahassee, Panama City, places like that and it shows the youth does care," said Chris Gleason of Sylvester.

Young adults have been touched by the devastation shown on TV.

"I watched the news after it happened and it just broke my heart because there are families out there that have absolutely nothing, homes broken down, I mean, people dead, the body count is high," said Gleason.

"People are thinking that the kids don't care very much, but doing it this way with the music is really getting the kids to be able to have a part and actually care about what's going on, other than themselves," said Brandy Marder a member of the band "The Audience".

That's why bands like "The Audience" traveled all the way from Tallahassee to donate their time and talents to be apart of the Albany relief effort.

"Our drummer Kelly she actually taught at one of the schools that was completely destroyed so a bunch of her kids that were there and everything too, so we're really taking this situation to heart," said Marder.

All of the proceeds from the concert will go the Albany chapter of the South Georgia American Red Cross.


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