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Mega Millions draws players

September 16, 2005

Albany-- How would you spend a $250-millon jackpot? Better yet, how would you react? We asked some of the hopeful winners.

The hot ticket around town this Friday is Mega Millions, and that has store clerks like Melissa Johnson seeing patrons spend big money to try and win even bigger money.

"They will lay down twenties and fifties, and say cash option all the way" said Johnson.

Some customers like Jim Kelley of Albany, say they may have an adverse reaction to winning such a large amount of money.

"Oh, I would probably die of a heart attack, I just want some of this money" said Kelley. While their chances of winning such a jackpot may be slim, some customers already have plans for their winnings.

"You know you have family, friends, you have church members, you have relatives, your gonna have people coming out of the wood work so you can try and make their lives better" said Barrance.

Lottery officials say the chances of winning the jackpot are now 1 in 175 million after adding the state California to the multi state drawing.

That has some people thinking their chances of being involved in another rare occurance might be better, if only the weatherman could do his part!

Your chances better of getting hit by lightning? "Probably if you would give us any rain" said Kelley.

Well Mr. Kelley if you win it, we will certainly get you some rain.


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