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Class reenacts Constitution Convention

September 16, 2005

Albany -- This year for the first time, every school and college receiving federal money must teach about the Constitution Friday.

Mrs. Massey's 9th Grade Civics class at Lee County High School re-enacted the events of September 17th, 1787. That's the day the United States Constitution was adopted.

The students dressed up like state representatives and debated the articles. Then they signed the document. The 9th graders understand the importance of the Constitution. Nicole Milligan said "because if we didn't know our rights, the government could take them away and or they could abuse them."

Anne Cimino said "If they ever try, I'm pretty much going to know,because of this Constitutional Convention that we just re-enacted. It's something that I've learned a lot from."

Mrs. Massey said her class is very opinionated about their constitutional rights and current events.

Students celebrated Friday, since the 17th is on Saturday.


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