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N. O. Marine families move into MCLB

September 16, 2005

Albany -- More Marine Families evacuated from a New Orleans Base after Hurricane Katrina are settling in at Albany's Marine Base. It's a struggle for the families, but they say South Georgia's hospitality is helping.

Fifteen-month-old Zakarra Cochran is still getting used to the Albany Marine Base's Day Care Center. His mom, Adena Cochran said, "She's not used to being away from us, but she'll learn."

As with any young child, new places and faces are scary. Her parents, Sgt. Timothy Cochran and Adena, might feel the same way as they settle into their new home in Albany, after evacuating from New Orleans.

Things like Zakarra's shot records have to be worked out. Sgt. Timothy Cochran said, "It's a good idea when you evacuate to grab all your records. Shot records, birth certificates, things like that. Unfortunately we didn't do that this time."

About 50 Marine families will be assigned to the Albany base while New Orleans is rebuilt. The Cochrans wonder what is left of their Louisiana home. "We've been trying to get in contact with the apartment complex in Jefferson Parrish. Once we do that, we'll know."

Adena said "That kind of scares me, but we'll take it one day at a time."

The New Orleans Marines are already back up and working at the Albany base, even though many of them don't even have uniforms yet. "We bought around four outfits apiece, for each one of the kids," Sgt. Cochran said.

Albany's welcome has made this disaster easier. "For the circumstances, we're fine. We have our health and we have our lives," Adena Cochran said.

New homes and people to get used to, but these Marines say they will survive Katrina's wrath because they are all still together.

The New Orleans Marines will likely stay at Albany's base at least through Christmas.

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