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Georgia evacuees react to President's address

September 16, 2005

Albany- So what do the people most affected by the President's plans think about them? Sisters Kim Robinson and Shawn Johnson are from New Orleans, but they're staying with 15 other family members in an Albany hotel.

Sitting in front of the television in their temporary home, the Suburban Lodge, Kim and Shawn listen to what President Bush had to say to them as Katrina victims and to the nation.

"It's going to take a lot, it's really going to take a lot on some people like myself psychologically it's just a lot that has to be done," said Kim Robinson of New Orleans.

While they agreed with most of what the President said and his course of action, they say they really need more permanent answers.

"I need to get somewhere where I know I'm going to be. I'm kind of like getting tired of just being here and there, I need to get somewhere and just settle in," said Kim.

Both sisters say up front the government was slow to act.

"The storm took place on the 29th and to say as of today, that's a long time to say I'm going to meet your needs, immediate needs. My immediate needs should have been taken care of a long time ago, so that's a problem for me," said Shawn Johnson of New Orelans.

What they fear are the many questions that the President failed to address. They wonder when they'll get the answers to important questions that still remain.

"What about the residential areas? What about my home? What about other families who houses that are still underwater? What are you doing to meet immediately meet our needs," questioned Shawn.

While they were pleased with the promises, they say those promises are only as good as the follow through.

"His speech was good, I just hope that what was said tonight, it will be fulfilled," said Robinson.

Kim plans to allow her children to finish the school year in Albany and has no immediate plans to return to New Orleans. Shawn also expressed no desire to return to The Crescent City.



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