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Hat day for Katrina victims

September 15, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- Middle school students in Thomasville usually aren't allowed to wear hats to school, but they can now as long they donated to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

Hats off, or on rather, to fifth and sixth graders at Thomas County Middle School. "We had to pay a dollar to wear the hat, and that dollar will go to help the hurricane victims," says student organizer, Katie Corbin.

From the traditional, to the wild and wacky, the hats aren't the license proving the kids donated. They have a badge of honor for that. "We had to wear a sticker on our shirt to notify that we had to have a hat on hat day," says Corbin.

The students started the initiative themselves after a lesson on Hurricane Katrina. So far, teachers have collected, hold on to your hats now, about $1000 from them, well on the way to their goal. "We're hoping maybe three, but no less than two thousand," says science teacher, Terry Dukes.

Although hat day is tied into an academic lesson on Hurricane Katrina, it's also a character lesson for the students. "By helping other people, this is their way of knowing that they're part of a bigger picture," says Dukes.

That's a lesson each of these children has taken to heart, or head, in this case. "Even if it only helps one person, at least we got to help that one person," says student, Emily Bateman. "It feels really special to me to know that I'm helping out a lot of people," adds Corbin. Victims will receive the money as soon as the goal is capped off.

Next week, students at the school will participate in a similar fundraiser with sports jerseys. The price to play is the same.

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