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City workers arrested after insurance probe

September 15, 2005

Albany - Nine people have been arrested, so far, in this huge insurance scam. But many more will likely be picked up before it's over. They're charged with filing bogus claims with AFLAC, the insurance carrier for the city of Albany and Dougherty County.

The ring leaders are believed to be city of Albany sanitation worker Tim Hunt and his unemployed wife, Kysheila. Dozens of others are believed to be involved.

Dougherty Sheriff's Investigators say the Hunts even had a business on the side ripping off AFLAC, that once they figured out how to fraudulently fill out medical forms, they went to work.

Dougherty Sheriff's Investigators say they got caught because they got greedy. A red flag that now has Sheriff's And AFLAC Investigators digging deep to determine how many people were involved and how much money was ripped off.

The Hunts and seven others are now in jail.

  • Kysheila's mother, 54-year old Mary Lee Hunter, is charged with five counts of insurance fraud

  • City of Albany sanitation worker Charlie Lee Lumpkin is charged with seven counts

  • Sanitation worker Troy Martin, Jr. is charged with two counts

  • Albany Water, Gas and Light Meter Department worker Alvin Williams is charged with three counts

  • Flint River Services Warehouse worker Dewayne Sanders is charged with one count

  • Two employees of the Equity Group, formerly Cagle's in Camilla are in also in jail.

  • Veronica Bradley Ross is charged with five counts of Insurance Fraud

  • Jhawaski Morris is charged with one count.

So far, they've determined that $149,415 was paid out on fraudulent claims.


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