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Disaster center to relocate

September 15, 2005

Albany- There are no more cots, and no more Gulf Coast residents seeking shelter from the storm. All of the evacuees have moved to more permanent housing.

"The community at large has been very, very helpful for us. It's really shown what the Albany area can do when people have needs, and they've met most of those needs now," says Ken Adams of the American Red Cross.

Trey Poole is a family minister at the Beattie Road Church of Christ. He visited the shelter at his church nearly every day it was open.

"They are survivors and I know with every survivor we have there's always opportunity. A lot of them are looking to start over, looking for employment, just trying to rebuild," Poole says.

Now that the evacuees are gone Poole says he and the rest of his church are preparing to help them fulfill their long-term needs.

"We're receiving all of the emails, phone calls and the addresses of where they're staying permanently and we do have plans to go out and visit them, touch base with them and make sure they're okay, and of course welcome them back to Beattie Road any time they want to come and be with us," Poole says.

Red Cross volunteers will continue to service evacuees, but next week will turn the center back over to the Beattie Road Church of Christ.

"We will be relocating the service center, which is the family services center, mental health, the medical department. That will be relocated we hope next week. We don't know the location right now, but we will find a new location next week," Adams says.

Where ever they move, Red Cross volunteers vow to continue to serving families until they are no longer needed.

Red Cross officials say they are also planning a furniture drive to help new residents fill their homes.

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