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Evacuees find the shopping bargain of a lifetime

September 14, 2005

Albany-- Hurricane evacuees in south Georgia can look forward to "a new day" at a store by that name. And talk about bargain hunting, they don't have to pay a dime.

Brandy Warner has shopping on her mind, and for a good reason. "We don't have anything. I mean, this is about it for us," she says.

But the New Orleans evacuee manages to find everything she needs: "Drinks, waters, toilettes, shoes, everything," says Warner.

And best of all "A New Day" lets her and other evacuees shop free.

"They tell you come back, whatever you need, come back," says Warner.

While there's plenty of clothing inside the store, that's not the only thing. There's also plenty of kids toys as well as gift cards for the evacuees.

"This is just fantastic," says a tearful Lydia Jochum, a New Orleans evacuee.

Jochum is amazed by the store's generosity. She say, "In everything that I've seen and lost, you come here, and it's so different, and the people are so nice. It's just incredible."

Wayne Carter opened the store two weeks ago. He says he wanted to do something to help victims of Hurricane Katrina get back on their feet.

"A lot of them seem to be slipping through the cracks as far as their personal needs go. We saw that the community would come together and try to help these people best we could," he says.

The store has received more than 2,000 donations so far.

"Anybody who's doing it out the goodness of their heart, God's going to repay them," says Jochum.

The store still needs donations, especially hygiene items, snacks, and school supplies. It's located on Dawson Road behind The Rocket.

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