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Stewart Park Homes workers run wide-open

September 14, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- FEMA is in constant contact with Stewart Park Homes, a company building hundreds of homes for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The number of homes changes routinely. "We're on our way to set our goal. We're pushing four or five houses through a day," says roofer, Patrick Sloan.

FEMA asked Stewart Park Homes to build 100 houses right before Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, but that changed when the magnitude of the storm was known. "They called us back on Labor Day, on that Monday, and said, ok, we want you to go ahead and take that up to 1000 units," says SPH director, Mark Williams.

They'll come fully furnished, and paid for. Before Katrina, the company promised FEMA a discount from their wholesale cost. "Despite the fact with the issues we have with supplies, etc, we're standing by our commitment," says Williams.

Because this is an emergency project, building these homes is same day service. "As soon as we get some more skilled crafts people in here, we'll be able to go ahead and get that up to eight to ten units per shift," says Williams.

Everyone involved is happy to put forth extra effort to meet that quota. "I hate what happened to them, but I think we're doing a good job," says roofer, Michael Edwards. "God gave me blessings, and it's good to bless other people," adds plumber, Jason Powell. "They don't have anywhere to stay, so it's really a blessing, really," says Sloan. That blessing will be received when the first homes arrive later this week.

SPH isn't forgetting its other customers. It is planning to open another plant soon to serve them.