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Long lines for low gas prices

September 13, 2005

Albany-- You would have thought there was a gas shortage in East Albany Tuesday night but it was just folks lining up for the cheapest gas in town.

The Express Lane on Sylvester Road was packed with people after it lowered the price for regular unleaded to $2.41 per gallon. That's a good thirty cents cheaper than other stations in Albany. The price had some drivers breathing a sigh of relief and driving a few extra miles for the savings.

"My truck is on E. I'm going to take 40 gallons. I'm going to save twenty bucks," says customer Frederick Hughes.

"I came by here earlier and I should have stopped then before everybody got off of work," says customer Pam Amos.

Workers at the station wouldn't say why their price was so relatively low. They're not sure how long that price will stick around.

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