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Albany man visits evacuees at Astrodome

September 13, 2005

Albany --One of the Albany Miller Brewing employees helping send the bottled water to the Gulf Coast, visited evacuees at the Houston Astrodome over the weekend.

Mike Chapman went to counsel evacuees at the Astrodome as part of a church program. Thousands of people who rode out Hurricane Katrina in the Superdome are now being sheltered at the Astrodome.

Chapman said their needs are overwhelming. Mike Chapman said "They've lost everything. Half of them don't know where their Mothers are, their brothers or sisters, their family. They are trying to get information, and they are trying to bring some semblance of order of how they are going to get restored."

Chapman says he believes the Hurricane evacuees he visited with will help in the rebuilding of New Orleans, and has no doubts they will put their lives back together soon.


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