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Albany Beer plant makes water for Hurricane victims

September 13, 2005

Albany -- The hurricane disaster areas along the Gulf Coast are still desperate for clean drinking water. An Albany company, with help from Georgia Forestry and the Air National Guard, are delivering thousands of bottles of water to disaster areas in Mississippi.

32 ounces of water from Albany could make a big difference to a person helping clean up from Hurricane Katrina.

Four truck loads of those bottles left the SAB Miller Brewing Plant Tuesday morning, and could be in the hands of people in Mississippi by the end of the week. Lamar Houston said "13 thousand bottles of water that are being desperately needed in the evacuation area."

 Lamar Houston of Albany has seen the bureaucracy and logistical problems in the relief efforts so far, and decided to solve problems. Lamar Houston said "We're cutting through all the red tape and channels, and are able to get it directly to the people that need it the fastest way we can get it there."

 Miller Brewing Company made the thousands of bottles of water, but FEMA had no way to get it.

Georgia Forestry sent four trucks and drivers, to take the load to Warner Robins. Georgia Forestry Chief Ranger Donald Bishop said "We've got the heavy equipment to move whatever they need moved, whether it be equipment, food, water, or whatever, we've got the equipment to do it with."

The water will then be flown from Central Georgia to Camp Shelby near Hattiesburg, Mississippi aboard a Georgia Air National Guard C-130.

Military disaster services will distribute the water from there, to where it's needed most. Houston said "Either by Chinook helicopter or black hawk helicopter. and or C-130's. So they are able to get it directly into the affected areas."

Since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, the Albany Miller Plant has sent nearly 400 thousand bottles of Albany water to the relief effort, and say they will continue as long as there is a need.