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Katrina records preservation

September 13, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- A company in Thomas County is helping avoid a devastating loss of records should severe weather hit our region like it did the Gulf Coast.

Protection is the back bone of the Secure Records Solutions company. "We store confidential records for a wide variety of clients in South Georgia and North Florida," says SRS founder, Powell Jones.

That's a service hundreds of businesses along the Gulf Coast could have benefited from before Hurricane Katrina. Thousands of their records were lost. "We have relationships with experts around the country on how to remedy problems with paper records and what to do if digital backup tapes get damaged," says Jones.

If that does happen, SRS can help companies retrieve their files from the last save point, so to speak. "We also house for a variety of clients, disaster recovery kits, which is equipment that they keep off site in the even they need to restore their data center," says Jones.

That's information many companies want kept private. In turn, SRS makes sure even its employees don't know what's inside. "Their containers of records have a barcode, and then they're able to create an index of what's in those containers. In addition to that, we sign confidentiality agreements with all clients so that they realize that their business is really none of our business. Although we come across confidential matters, they're handled in a very careful manner to protect the confidentiality," says Jones.

Consider that a system of safeguards, to guard against the loss of people's most personal information. "Knowing that your business will be here tomorrow even if your building is not," says Jones. That motto is also SRS's foundation, as it has it's own disaster recovery plan.

SRS was created two years ago because there wasn't a facility like it anywhere in our region. Even outside that, it's founder says it's the most technologically advanced records center of its kind."

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