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Growth brings reunions to shelter

September 12, 2005

Norman Park-- The gym at the Georgia Baptist Convention Center in Norman Park is full of donations for hurricane evacuees.

About 200 people were bussed in from Biloxi last Sunday. They get a place to stay and three meals a day. Another 50 arrived more recently. One of them was Wilma Magee's husband. They were separated when she was forced to evacuate.

"I knew the bus was coming in and I waited fifteen minutes and then I looked up and here he came and I ran to him and hugged him because I hadn't seen him since Sunday morning," says evacuee Wilma Magee.

"It's just phenomenal to see these people reunited with their loved ones and beginning to start their lives again," says Center Director Bill Townes. A mother was also reunited with her three kids. Folks at the shelter call it Camp Hope. Nearly 100 of them say they now plan to make South Georgia their permanent home.



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