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Business provides thousands of pounds of cool relief

September 12, 2005

Moultrie-- At Ice House America in Moultrie, Roger Hilton provides the hot welding work that brings cool relief to many.

"Everybody's got their own little job out here to do and this is my job," says Hilton. His job is to build bagger stands for big ice houses. "I can build one of these in a day," says Hilton. That's just one part of the whole process. Hours of work turn stainless steel into 10,000 pound machines that provide what Ice House America calls twice the ice.

"It's what the machine does, it gives twice the ice for half the price," says dealer Daniel Dunn. They're providing twice the relief to Hurricane Katrina evacuees and you'd be amazed how something as simple as a bag of ice is just what they need.

"A lot of times when you hear about natural disasters, you hear they need food, water, and ice. Ice is a big part of it," says Dunn. The company knew that if they could provide anything to the evacuees at the Astrodome in Houston, it was definitely ice. "In a couple of days, we put them together and carried them out there and set them up so they're actually at the Astrodome right now working," says Dunn.

Between the convention center and the Astrodome, three or four truckloads of ice were being used each day. "The two units that we carried down there will produce about 25,000 pounds of ice per day," says Dunn. 25,000 pounds of ice isn't enough to rebuild people's homes but it is a refreshing type of relief, relief that began with builders and welders playing their part.

"Oh it feels good, yeah," says Hilton. It feels good to help thousands of people with these small tokens from a big machine.

About six employees delivered the machines to Houston on September 4th. They hope to deliver two more to Mississippi but are currently waiting on FEMA to find a location.



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