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Students give up ice cream for Katrina victims

September 12, 2005

Sumter County -  First Grader Trey Dowell says, "Hurricanes hit very badly and the cold air comes up and the warm air comes down and clouds start forming and then it starts to rain a lot, and all the big winds come up."

Trey and his classmates have learned a lot about hurricanes over the past two weeks. He says, "I was glad I wasn't there."

Taylor Moore says, "Their houses got ran over." "And how does that make you feel?" "Sad."

Kabren Kearse agrees. He says, "Sad. 'Cause nobody has anything, and they raised a sign up saying 'help us'." So, these young students decided to answer their pleas.

"Why are you giving money?" "So they can get food and ice cream and stuff." And in order to raise money, they are giving up their own ice cream (and stuff).

Reggie Walters says, "It's a jar, and we got lots of hands on them." Lots of little hands, with a big purpose. "So we can help the people that got ranned over [by] the Hurricane." And help them get back on their feet.

In just three days, the school raised $1400 for Katrina Victims. The class from each grade that collects the most money will receive an ice cream party for giving up their ice cream money.


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