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Family finds housing, but not brother

September 12, 2005

Albany-- It could be a few weeks before most of the evacuees in Albany are able to move into semi-permanent housing. So far, the Red Cross has moved about 30 evacuees who were staying at the Beattie Road Church of Christ shelter into hotels. But more evacuees are taking their place at the shelter.

Doris Dyson-Breaux and 15 members of her family evacuated to Albany two weeks ago. "We've been here for about two weeks now," she said. "We're in New Orleans, and we can not go back home right now and we have no idea when we'll be able to do so."

They've been staying at the shelter in Albany, but a local businessman is donating them a home. "We don't know when we will be able to move in because there's nothing there. But I told them I could live there with just an air mattress to sleep on."

The Red Cross is asking people to donate furniture to help fill temporary homes for evacuees. But Doris says a roof over her head is not what's on her mind right now. SOT 1 "My brother is Louis Dyson. He's autistic and 28-years-old. He lives in Kenner, Louisiana."

Louis Dyson lived in the Clemson Group Home, which was supposed to evacuate to Baton Rouge. "I have no idea where in Baton Rouge they are. I tried searching the Internet, Red Cross and MSNBC, I have not found anything. I know he is concerned. If anyone knows where he is, can they call us because I know he's concerned and I don't know what to do."

Until she finds her brother, Doris says it's hard to be hopeful about starting a new life, with a new home in Albany. But she and her family are left with little to do but to keep searching, hoping and praying. FEMA is paying for some evacuees' hotel rooms for 14 days.

The Red Cross is trying to move other people at the shelter into hotels. City of Albany leaders are still working with the church that owns Boyette Village to get the old military houses ready so evacuees can move in long-term.


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