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Church groups build new homes

September 12, 2005

Valdosta - Annette Brown is getting a fresh, new start. "It feels like I'm a millionaire!" said Brown.

In one week, she'll have a brand new four bedroom two bath home, thanks to these volunteers from different faith based organizations in Valdosta. "They give you something that is in reference to what God stands for, its solidarity and love and that's something I'm proud of," said Brown.

They're taking part in Habitat for Humanity's "Building of Faith" project. "We incorporate all the churches in Valdosta that want to help us build a house simply on faith, knowing we will raise the money it takes, we will find the right family, and we will get the house out of the ground," said Stuart Mullis, Habitat Director.

Despite their different religious beliefs, these pastors and church members have found common ground this week to build two homes for two special families. "We're from all different ethnic groups and religious beliefs, but we put all that aside because we all believe in one thing and that is faith," said Dr. Ronnie Mathis.

None are trained carpenters, but they're relying on something much stronger than a construction lesson to guide them in their work. "The Bible teaches us that without faith, its impossible to please God and if this young lady who's receiving this house didn't have faith, this dream couldn't have become a reality," said Dr. Mathis.

But Annette did believe, and her faith earned her the home she's always wished for.


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