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South Georgia couple helps Katrina victims

September 9, 2005

Albany--A south Georgia couple is embarking on a personal mission to bring relief to hurricane victims.

With plenty of ice and 72 cases of bottled water loaded on their SUV, Paul and Sandra Plante are on a mission to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

And they're not alone.  County Commissioner Jack Stone and neighbor Kimberly Smith are eager to help. "It makes you want to cry. It's terrible, terrible to see American's like that," says Stone.

"I've always seen stuff like this happen, and I've always wanted to take part. Finally my dream's come true, and I have a chance," says Smith.

Paul and Sandra are driving from place to place including the Marine Base to collect supplies.

"I'm giving the opportunity to take the items to the people who need something and other people aren't able to do," says Sandra Plante.

Several restaurants are also giving needed items, and the couple even chipped in their own money to buy food and other supplies.

"We've made little goody bags for everybody, toothebrushes, soap, towels," says Paul Plante.

As the couple get ready to head to Mississippi, the Plantes encourage others to do the same.

"Don't be afraid. The interstate is open. You can get there if you want to help," says the couple.



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