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Health department offers free tetanus shots

September 9, 2005

Albany -- People who are planning to volunteer in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts are being urged to get vaccinations before deploying.

 The Southwest Georgia Health Departments are urging anyone to get tetanus and Hepatitis B vaccinations before going to hurricane disaster areas.

Southwest Georgia health departments are offering tetanus shots free to anyone who will be deploying for Hurricane relief.

They are also offering free shots for evacuees before they go back to Louisiana or Mississippi. Suzette Profit of the Health Department said "Tetanus can cause lockjaw and if you get a cut or wound, it can be serious. So that's why we are recommending for all people who are going to that area get a tetanus shot prior to leaving."

Health officials recommend everyone get a tetanus shot every ten years. 11 percent of tetanus cases in people over 60 end in death.