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Tips to cope with the stress of Katrina

September 9, 2005

Albany- The aftermath of Katrina is still being felt around the world. Evacuees and people in contact with them are sometimes unable to cope with the added stress.

Dr. Nancy Anson, who volunteers with the Red Cross, says, "Get plenty of exercise, rest, talking about your problems and volunteering are number one ways to feel better and help ease feelings of depression and helplessness."

As for evacuees she recommends, that they spend time doing activities that can take their mind off of the tragedy and keep them active.

Talking about problems is another important thing for evacuees and she hopes that those in the shelters and outside of the shelters will take advantage of the opportunity to do so.

Other stress management tips from the National Mental Health Association include take one big thing at a time, give blood, volunteer, read to children in a shelter, avoid drugs and alcohol, rest and exercise, practice religious and spiritual beliefs.


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