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Flint Riverquarium celebrates anniversary

September 8, 2005

Albany- It's been one year since the Flint Riverquarium opened. Since then, the centerpiece of downtown Albany's redevelopment has been swimming with visitors.

More than 149 thousand visited the Riverquarium since it opened last September 3rd. That's close to the 150 thousand anticipated attendance. The facility played host to school groups from 42 Georgia counties and many out of state visitors.

"The exciting thing is that we're getting a lot of visitors from the Tallahassee area and from Southeastern Alabama from Dothan," said Doug Noble, Flint Riverquarium C.E.O.

The Riverquarium will help raise money for Katrina victims. For the next three Sundays, half the proceeds from the 1:30 p.m. showings of the IWERKS movie "Forces of Nature" will be donated to Katrina Disaster Relief.

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