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More than Gulf Coast humans need help

September 8, 2005

Albany -- Tens of thousands of pets have either drowned or remain stranded. In many cases, owners were forced to abandon their animals.

Now, veterinarians in Albany are asking you to help these four-legged victims. The Georgia Veterinary Medical Association is collecting money to buy medical supplies and food for the rescued pets.

You can donate at several Albany vet offices, including Gardner and Hydrick Veterinarians on East Oglethorpe.

"The money will be used for things like buying supplies needed for the injured animals and for the ones that are sick," said Veterinarian Haley Hydrick. "Of course, it will also buy food and housing needs. Many of the pets aren't hurt but just need a place to be safe. It will provide cages, food and water, just the basic necessities."

The vets will collect money for about a month, sending checks each week to help animals as soon as possible.


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