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Police ask for help ID'ing hit and run driver

September 8, 2005

Albany -- Last December, 57-year-old Ginny Crisler was killed walking across the parking lot at Hunters Mill Plaza while Christmas Shopping. A white Chevrolet Lumina struck and killed her, then drove away.

Nine months later, her family has not given up on finding the driver who killed her. The Albany Police has joined with Sheriff's and District Attorney Investigators trying to find the hit and run killer.

For the first time they show new evidence in their investigation. "You are going to see the vehicle come from right back here, which is the parking lot where this incident occurred."

For the first time Police show surveillance video of the car that killed Ginny Crisler, just seconds after the Albany mother of 3 was run down in Hunter's Mill Plaza. Sgt. Bryan Smith said "We are asking for the public's assistance in identifying the driver of this vehicle."

This video was from a surveillance camera in the parking lot of a liquor store across Old Dawson Road. Investigators believe this is the White Lumina that killed Ginny Crisler. It races into the business, nearly hitting an SUV, and then races out again. That SUV driver got a good look at the car, and has been helping Police. Sgt. Smith said "She was very close. She was almost another victim."

Police are asking South Georgians to tell them who was driving this car that day. But first they suggest the driver turn himself in. Sgt. Smith said "We still believe that this was an accident. The person that did this did not intend to do it. We would obviously like to hear from that person."

The four door Lumina is white with black mirrors, between the years 1995 to 2001, and had a red and white paper tag. Friends of the Crisler family have raised a six thousand dollar reward for information leading to the driver.

Chris Crisler, 19, says the family hopes finding his mother's killer will help. Chris Crisler said "What if it was your mother? What would you think. I hope we can find the person who did this, I really would."

Albany Police ask your help in finding the hit and run killer, and to help bring closure to the Crisler family's grief.

Albany Police have set up a hotline for information in the Crisler hit and run case. You can call 229-878-3169 and leave a message or information.

You can also call the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office or DA's office, with any information.

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