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Louisiana family finds new home in S. Ga.

September 8, 2005

Valdosta - It's like one big family reunion, under the worst circumstances. "I'm happy to have all my family together, but they're here because they lost everything," said Anastasia Snowden.

Anastasia Snowden is taking care of 22 family members from Pointe-a-la Hache, Louisiana. Throw in her husband and two kids, and that makes 26 people in her 1,200 square foot house. "Everyone can't sleep in a bed so we're on the floors with blankets and just making the space," said Snowden.

Luckily, those living arrangements only lasted a few days. Someone donated an apartment to make this family a little more comfortable. "Thirteen are at my house and the others are at the donated lodging," said Snowden.

It's still a little crowded, but its nothing compared to what they've already been through. Some endured the nightmare at the Superdome. "There was feces everywhere, it was hot, babies were in pampers and that was it," said Terry Barthelemy.

They all made it out safely and met here in Valdosta, with only the clothes they were wearing and very little money. "What I have on now is all I have," said Marvin Barthelemy.

Unsure of what they have left in Louisiana, the family is considering starting over here. "I was hoping I could find me a job, anybody that needs a good heavy equipment operator," said Marvin.

A new life in a new community, that's helping this family rebuild, together. "I give Valdosta a thumbs up because they're the best people in the world," said Marvin.

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