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Law enforcers to volunteer in Mississippi

September 7, 2005

Tifton- Tift County deputies load everything from all-terrain vehicles to loaves of bread as they prepare for their trip to the Gulf Coast.

"The four deputies that we're sending down there will be self-sustaining for up to seven days so we won't cut into any of the supplies that they have set up for the hurricane victims, and we've also got some food and water that we'll be able to leave down there," says Capt. Jason Jones.

Jones says he and the rest of the deputies aren't quite sure what they will be doing, but didn't hesitate to volunteer when they were asked.

"It's just something we need to do. If heaven forbid that happened in our area they would do the same for us, so it's kind of our obligation," Jones says.

Tifton-Tift County animal control officer Regenia Wells says she has also volunteered to go to the affected areas and help rescue and recover the thousands of pets left there.

"I don't even know where you would start. Probably see if they had a shelter that you could use to rescue these animals," Wells says. "Of course, they can swim, but they can't swim forever, so they're going to have to have a place like a rooftop to get on top of. Cats most of them are going to have problems worse than the dogs will."

While she awaits final confirmation from city and county officials about whether she will go, she says her staff is preparing to board any animals displaced by the hurricane.

"We do have room for them. We have a place over at the fairgrounds that they could use for big animals. We have people and farmers here that would be glad to help too," Wells says.

Like the thousands of other volunteers, Tift County law enforcers say they're treating their mission to help hurricane victims as just part of the job they're sworn to do.

The four Tift County deputies will head to Mississippi early Thursday morning. They'll spend seven days working there.


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