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TPD adopts cops hit by Katrina

September06, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- The Thomasville Police Department is helping their counterparts in Louisiana.

When school resource officer, Joey Rollins, patrols the halls of Thomasville High School now, he's not just looking for trouble causers. He's also looking for support. "Any kind of non-perishable items, diapers, pens, paper," says Rollins.

Those donations will be given to police officers in Slidell, Louisiana,home to two of Rollins' uncles, and an area hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. "They're about the size of Thomasville, and they lost about 85 percent of their community," says Rollins.

That's why the scarce items are so important to the officers who are still there. "They lost everything and they're still on-duty, still working," says Rollins.

Police Officers aren't the only ones who will benefit from this project. So will their families, people students and staff at THS can relate to. "It's important that we teach our kids about civil responsibility," says teacher, Dale Hermann. "We need to band together. And when tragedy strikes,as it has, our school should come together," adds senior, Christopher Jones. "I feel great, I mean look at all this stuff, it's all going to help," says fellow senior, Molly Seal.

That's true no matter what items are donated. When the officers receive them in two weeks they're sure to be appreciative. "It'd be hard to carry out your duties, but they're the type of people who's going to do that," says Rollins. And the TPD is made up of people who're planning to bring the donations to Slidell themselves.

Rollins urges anyone who would like to donate to the relief effort to drop items off at THS. You don't have to be affiliated with the school to do so.


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