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Katrina hits family twice

September 06, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia--  A family hit twice by Hurricane Katrina is regrouping in Thomasville.

Fortunately, Katrina didn't hurt anyone in the Breeden / Ammentorp family, but both sides will have to start all over again.  Katrina forced Madeline Breeden and seven members of her family out of their homes more than a week ago.  "People say it's like a war zone. But, you don't war with Mother Nature. She always wins," says Breeden.

Since leaving Mississippi, the family has been living at the Holiday Inn in Thomasville.  "This is where we carry on, you know, the insurance company, FEMA, our banking, everything.  The people in the hotel are so nice and so good to us. But of course it's not home," says Breeden.

Neither is the house Breeden used to live in. Katrina claimed it in just minutes.  "Four generations of antiques, I had a little bit of artwork. I had a beautiful house," says Breeden. 

That house can be replaced. But what can't be is the most heart wrenching. "Pictures of my grandparents, my daddy as a young man, my wedding, and the pictures of my children when they were babies," says Breeden.

Those children are staying down the hall with their family, the oldest just old enough to understand their situation.  "Just realizing there's nothing left, having to realize life as you know it is going to start over," says Erica Ammentorp.

The family began that process the moment Katrina ended.  "We're going to rebuild our house as soon as they can," says Ammentorp.  "For a while you can just sit in the corner and cry, but after a while you just have to get up," adds Breeden.  When they'll be completely back on their feet, they just don't know.

Breeden says that the hospitality in Thomasville has been incomparable. Since being there, her family has only had to pay for about two meals.

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