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South Georgia church to open new shelter at old base

September 5, 2005

Worth County-- A relic of the Cold War is being spruced up for a peaceful purpose, helping hurricane victims. A south Georgia church is turning the old Nike missile base in Worth County into a temporary home for Katrina evacuees.

Life Christian Center International hopes to provide homes to dozens of homeless hurricane survivors. The church originally planned to use the old base for youth retreats or drug rehabilitation. Those plans were in the far future but Hurricane Katrina victims need housing now, so the plans changed.

Volunteers from Life Christian Center International are shedding new light into some old buildings. "It was a Nike missile base built back in the late 50's," says Pastor Stan Glass. But now in 2005, the buildings will not be used to house missiles and the military. They'll house Katrina evacuees. "I think it's 39 rooms so at two per, you're looking for atleast 80 people," says Glass.

For volunteers like Renee Boyett, something simple like putting fresh paint on a wall is rewarding. "I've never had so much fun doing such hard work in my life," says Boyett, "I love this. It's the best feeling ever to know that you're helping somebody else when they're having a crisis."

A crisis calls for whatever help is available, whether it's donating money or time. "Just being able to use your hands that God gave you to be able to provide a place for someone to come stay," says volunteer Dena Summerell. Three days of work time has the old base looking much better than when they started and volunteers look forward to evacuees taking advantage of their hard work.

"That's the extra pat on the back," says Boyett.

So with a few more adjustments, finishing touches and a couple more moppings the shelter will be in full swing. "God provides and we're looking to him to meet the needs of this and I know we'll be o.k. in this thing," says Glass. The church has faith that an old base will provide new hope for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Life Christian Center hopes to open the shelter by this weekend. If you want to volunteer or if you know an evacuee who needs shelter, call the church at 436-4845.



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